Need a beach holiday? ... here's our pick of some of the Worlds best

Need a beach holiday? … here’s our pick of some of the Worlds best

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Our friends at, have crunched the numbers and discovered that the beach holiday is still the people’s favourite. 77% of global travellers are likely to go on a beach holiday this year.

Here is a hand-picked a selection of the most beautiful beaches around the world to help you choose where you'll hit the sand this year. So pack your bathing suit, sun cream lotion and sun glasses and had to these stunning shores to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and discover a plethora of vibrant marine life around the world. #foreversummer

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Amongst the neon lights and hedonistic full-moon parties of Thailand is the hidden gem of Koh Lanta. An untouched haven, unspoilt by tourists and appealing to all kinds of travellers. This beautiful island is loved by locals and travellers for its beaches, relaxation, diving, sunsets and the top visiting countries are China, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Embrace barefoot beauty and immerse yourself in the rich island culture of traditional fishing villages or kayak through natures tropical mangrove forests.

Boracay, Philippines

At only 4.5 miles long, Boracay is a picture perfect postcard stretch of sand white beaches lined with luxury seafront resorts. Travellers have endorsed this piece of paradise for its beaches, beautiful beach walks, water sports and for the friendly locals. It’s a secluded getaway perfect for travellers seeking idyllic beaches, timeless sunsets and friendly islander locals.

 El Pescadero, Todos Santos, Mexico

Discover Mexico’s hidden getaway of Todos Santos, highly endorsed by fellow travellers for surfing, beach walks and friendly people. Avoid the spring break crowds at Cancun and go off the grid with this authentic Mexican hideaway. Travellers are sure to fall in love with the charming 250-year old coastal fishing village of El Pescadero, which is highly endorsed by travellers for relaxation and beaches.

Waikoloa, Hawaii

Whether you are taking a family trip or a romantic getaway America’s 50th state will not disappoint. Unearth the tropical beauty of Hawaii and surround yourself with stunning ocean views, pearl-dust beaches, vast green mountains, and an abundance of tropical wildlife, food and island life culture. This perfect island is highly endorsed by fellow travellers for its beaches, nature and volcanoes.  

Grand Case, Saint Martin

This small, 37 square mile Caribbean island, shared by France and the Netherlands, offers travellers secluded beach coves, a fusion of cuisines and a vibrant island nightlife. Grand Case is highly endorsed by travellers for its sandy white beaches and restaurants.  

Chia, Sardinia, Italy

Discover the silky sands of Italy’s Chia, lapped by turquoise-hued waters and attracting visitors from Italian families, local surfers, dolphins and flamingos. This coastal area in southern Sardinia is loved by the locals because of its beautiful seaside, tranquillity and nature.

Punta Prima, Menorca

Explore the beauty of the Balearic Islands and visit the picturesque Punta Prima. Unlike the neighbouring island of Ibiza, travellers to Menorca can experience a laidback island lifestyle and ultimate relaxation. Punta Prima is loved by travellers for tranquillity and being family friendly. This charming little island offers scenic landscapes, deserted beaches and turquoise seas.

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