I recently went to cook islands on a work trip to review several of the resorts and to check out the Cook Islands as a destination for families.  To access the Cook Islands you fly into the main island Rarotonga.  Many of the flights go via New Zealand, however their is a direct flight from Sydney. The destination is perfect for families.  it’s a great alternative for those who have already done Fiji and Vanuatu and love the south pacific laid back ways.  its very clean and people are house proud and keep their yards, shops and churches very clean.  There is a church every .5km I think,... Read More
by While virtually every individual and couple can enjoy lots of advantages through a house swapping (home exchange) holiday, perhaps families stand to benefit most of all. Think about it... Let's start with the money Firstly, there are the monetary savings to be gained: no accommodation costs; cooking "at home" instead of going out for meals; free use of car; free laundry, clothesline, dryer and DYI ironing. No doubt there will also be other savings. For example, you can't stay cooped up together in a hotel room for long. You'll need to spend a good deal of time... Read More
Ever wanted to travel the world as a travel blogger, filmmaker, photographer and adventurer? Its the dream of many.. If you haven't had the chance then come along and enjoy the journey of two young Aussies, Josh and Tim that are heading off to the States to do just that...  enjoy the ride SPARTAN GAP YEAR Josh and Tim are currently seeking help with their crowdfunding campaign on kickstater.. if you can help they'd really appreciate it via kickstater Here is their story! 365 DAYS, 35 SPARTAN RACES, 2 AUSSIES, 1 CRAZY IDEA. Well that's the tagline. Basically we are two young Australians who... Read More
Book a Club Med Holiday with BYOkids anytime between 1st July 2014 and the 30th December 2014 and you will go in the draw to win another one for your family.  We've got 5 nights for a family of four to giveaway.  We'll choose a winner at random from all clients booked during the competition period.  The winning family will have until October 31st 2015 to take their prize.  This offer is exclusive to BYOkids so if you're thinking Club Med be sure to book at BYOkids now. *ask your consultant for full terms and conditions
What has 300 beautiful hectares of soft, skiable snow, thirteen chairlifts, four T-bars, two rope tows and four magic carpets? What has three terrain parks, two toboggan areas and ski in ski out accommodation? It’s Mt.Buller, the holiday hotspot only a few hours from Melbourne.  From June to October the stunning ski village comes alive with travellers from all over the world, from expert skiers chasing Buller’s slopes to non-skiers who desire a relaxing snow holiday. If you do love to hit the slopes, whether that being on a snowboard, a pair of ski’s or the trusty toboggan, I would definitely... Read More
Australian designed and owned, goolie goolie™ is a soother and comforter in one. It is a baby's dummy that is permanently attached to an iconic Australian plush animal, designed to keep the dummy close to baby without the use of cords or clips. There are 3 designs in the product range, “Bluey” the Wombat, “Banjo” the Koala and “Rusty” the Kangaroo. Each animal has the Australian Flag embroidered underfoot. Characters are approximately 12cm long and 38g in weight. High quality fabrics were chosen to appeal to the tactile development of the child’s senses, important at this age. Choice of... Read More
Giveaway time  -  Head over to our Facebook page and join our community of over 53000 people.  Want to win 5 nights accommodation for your family at The Noosa Apartments on the Sunshine Coast Queensland? Of course you do! Well You can enter now at Good Luck from BYOkids...your family travel gurus Terms and Conditions Competition opens on 15th August 2014 and closes on 25th August 2014.  Entrants will be required to like BYOkids on facebook and offered to follow other pages and invite friends to enter for bonus points.  Email will be required or a login via facebook... Read More
Books, books everywhere.  Bookcrossing came to life in 2001 when Ron Hornbaker had an intriguing idea. It was to release books into the wild and track their progress. He decided the lives that books touched were fascinating, and that setting books free was more fulfilling than hoarding them on a shelf somewhere. What better way for a traveller to enjoy a book then leave it for someone else to enjoy.  So next time you go on holidays look out for "wild" books. He started a website called to register and track every book released. His concept to turn the world into one... Read More
WWoof Australia - willing workers on organic farms.  If your family love to travel, enjoy meeting people, and dont mind a little bit of hard yakka, perhaps you should give wwoofing a go. Wwoofing stands for Willing Workers on Organic farms. The concept originated in England and has been operating successfully in Australia since 1981. Wwoof are a non-profit organisation that meets the standards of the National council for Volunteering. Anyone over the age of 17 can become a wwoofer, a yearly membership gives you access to over 1600 hosts Australia wide. Hosts open their doors to international... Read More
We know that our teenage children can be delightful, exasperating, funny, sullen, adventurous, shy, talkative, slothful and manic – and sometimes that is just in the space of an hour!  All these moods are magnified when it comes to travelling, be it in Australia or overseas, as teens and parents are forced into one another’s company without a ‘get out of jail free’ card, such as time with friends. Travelling overseas with teenagers tends to be a better experience for a number of reasons, such as the brilliant entertainment systems now available on most flights, menus that let them eat things... Read More