Australian designed and owned, goolie goolie™ is a soother and comforter in one. It is a baby's dummy that is permanently attached to an iconic Australian plush animal, designed to keep the dummy close to baby without the use of cords or clips. There are 3 designs in the product range, “Bluey” the Wombat, “Banjo” the Koala and “Rusty” the Kangaroo. Each animal has the Australian Flag embroidered underfoot. Characters are approximately 12cm long and 38g in weight. High quality fabrics were chosen to appeal to the tactile development of the child’s senses, important at this age. Choice of... Read More
Giveaway time  -  Head over to our Facebook page and join our community of over 50000 people. Be sure to enter our latest competition to win Postman Pat Prize Packs.  Everyone’s favourite postie, POSTMAN PAT hits the big screen this August in his first movie debut POSTMAN PAT: THE MOVIE. Pat comes face‐to‐face with the dark side of the fame dream when he enters a national TV talent show.  The demons of money, status and a new shiny suit conspire to tear Pat away from his friends, family and the village which loves him. Thanks to Pinnacle Films we have 10 prize packs valued at $69 each to give... Read More
Books, books everywhere.  Bookcrossing came to life in 2001 when Ron Hornbaker had an intriguing idea. It was to release books into the wild and track their progress. He decided the lives that books touched were fascinating, and that setting books free was more fulfilling than hoarding them on a shelf somewhere. What better way for a traveller to enjoy a book then leave it for someone else to enjoy.  So next time you go on holidays look out for "wild" books. He started a website called to register and track every book released. His concept to turn the world into one... Read More
WWoof Australia - willing workers on organic farms.  If your family love to travel, enjoy meeting people, and dont mind a little bit of hard yakka, perhaps you should give wwoofing a go. Wwoofing stands for Willing Workers on Organic farms. The concept originated in England and has been operating successfully in Australia since 1981. Wwoof are a non-profit organisation that meets the standards of the National council for Volunteering. Anyone over the age of 17 can become a wwoofer, a yearly membership gives you access to over 1600 hosts Australia wide. Hosts open their doors to international... Read More
We know that our teenage children can be delightful, exasperating, funny, sullen, adventurous, shy, talkative, slothful and manic – and sometimes that is just in the space of an hour!  All these moods are magnified when it comes to travelling, be it in Australia or overseas, as teens and parents are forced into one another’s company without a ‘get out of jail free’ card, such as time with friends. Travelling overseas with teenagers tends to be a better experience for a number of reasons, such as the brilliant entertainment systems now available on most flights, menus that let them eat things... Read More
The journey should be as good as the destination, so they say!  If only the kids could appreciate the road trip.  We've put together a few ideas to help on your next family holiday. If you are on the road with toddlers or babies try to work in with their routine if possible. Travel at times they would normally sleep, stop for a break when they wake up, feed and change them and let them have a play before moving on. Pack lunchboxes for older kids, with food and drink for the whole journey.  They will be able to help themselves without needing to ask. Make up observation sheets before you leave... Read More
House sitters needed worldwide.... Did you hear the one about the family that took a holiday in a Melbourne house, Villa in Tuscany, then a London apartment followed by a cabin in the Rocky's and paid nothing for accommodation?  Well its no laughing matter, its absolutely true.  To top it all off they had a free car too!!    What's that you say, impossible?  Not if your prepared to swap your house with someone else's.  House sitting and house swapping have been working successfully for years.  The cost saving are seeing this practice boom, organisations like housecarers and Homelink... Read More
A Family travel insurance policy for the family holiday was formerly looked upon as a luxury.  Travellers need to be covered. CHI are backed by one of Australia's largest travel insurers and offer discounted travel insurance rates. Generally, a comprehensive travel insurance policy costs around 6% of the price of your trip. Travel Insurance policies cover things like a stolen wallet or purse, an accident or an illness. Travel insurance also provides compensation for delays and cancellation, for damaged or lost luggage, and you'll be provided with a help line phone number for emergencies. ... Read More
As part of the National Continence Program, the Toilet Map provides information on over 16,000 publicly available toilets across Australia, including accessibility, opening hours and facilities, such as showers & baby change.. A very useful resource on your next family holiday or day out.  You won't have to search for a public dunny when you are next travelling with kids. Details of toilet facilities can also be found along major travel routes and for shorter journeys as well. Useful information is provided about each toilet, such as location, opening hours, availability of baby change... Read More
The Food Coach Team headed by Judy Davie are sick of fast food outlets and truck stops offering unappetizing half-cold, greasy fare. If you're travelling around Australia or taking a road trip on your next family holiday then you'll love the food coach's "Healthy Eating on the Road". Their growing database of healthy eating food stops helps you plan each resting stop before you leave and enjoy good quality healthy food on the road.  Even if you have to drive 5 - 10 minutes off the road the promise of a good meal will make it all worthwhile, and the journey more interesting! Simply enter in... Read More