Arrive at your destination happy, healthy & hydrated! During the 2013/2014 FY, 8.94 million passengers departed Australia to venture overseas. Due to Australia’s geographical location, many of these trips involved a long haul flight2. While we’re often just sitting down, watching movies and sleeping for the majority of the time, long haul flights are actually very taxing on our health and physically quite demanding.  Many of us are familiar with the scenario of getting off a flight to start a holiday or business trip with sunken dry eyes, fatigued, headachy and feeling cranky..…all the... Read More
Now all parents understand how difficult it is to keep young ones entertained. This problem is amplified when they are stuck behind seat-belts, with limited space and physical restrictions and an epic road journey ahead. However, travelling in a motorhome can be great fun for kids, with a higher vantage point, picturesque views and a more relaxed vibe. Throw in some games to play and you’ve got a pretty happy journey to your RV holiday destination. Here are nine priceless entertainment ideas from Motorhome Republic: 1 Traffic Sign Bingo: Pretty straightforward this one – and you can pick it... Read More
Yet to finalise your school holiday plans this Winter? Well Malaysia has some fantastic solutions for families young and old.  Malaysia in June and July promises plenty of excitement and adventure, with a great mix of exhilarating activities on offer. It’s definitely the place to be for shopping enthusiasts. Malaysia already enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of Asia’s best shopping destinations. But bargain hunters will especially love the 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival, one of Malaysia’s three major annual shopping events, which kicks off on 27 June and transforms the entire country... Read More
Our BYOkids travel gurus can package up any destination, resort or tour for your family. Each week we do put together some fantatic deals that might suit. Click here to see this weeks top deals! If you cant find what you are looking for simply give us a call 1300296543 with your travel wishlist or enquire online here If you would like to be kept up to date on offers then join our newsletter, its free and fabulous.. packed with good family holiday deals.  Sign up here
The RV holiday has a renowned tradition, with European campervans dating back to the early 19th century and US RVs gaining traction in the 1920s. The concept is very simple: travel with your accommodation so you have complete freedom to change itinerary when you like and go where the wind takes you. And it’s this emancipation from hotel checkout times and dictatorial holiday camp schedules that makes the motorhome the ideal choice for a family getaway. Today, the popularity of family RV holidays is as strong as ever… and there are a number of reasons why. Motorhome Republic gives you the... Read More
Love a bit of luxury? Take the family for 7 nights to the Gold Coast and stay in a 2 or 3 bedroom 4 star apartment with amazing facilities like heated pool, sauna, spa, games room, bbq's and walking distance to the beach, restaurants and shops of the Gold Coast. BYOkids have an amazing stay 7 nights but only pay for 4.. so enjoy 7 nights for a family of 4 from $1712, family of 5 from $1872, family of 6 from $2272 Trilogy Surfers Paradise offers luxury self-contained 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in a quiet setting just 500 metres to the surf beach and 500 metres walk to the shopping, restaurants... Read More
Holiday time with the little ones is always tricky. Where shall we go? How do we make sure they’re not bored? Our budget is limited, so what’s the most cost-effective getaway? Well, that’s why a campervan holiday in Australia ticks so many boxes. If you haven’t considered a family motorhome vacation before, here’s an essential guide to why you most definitely should. Even sleeping is exciting The most significant advantage to travelling in an RV/motorhome/campervan (whatever you wish to call it) is that your accommodation is moving with you. You don’t have to worry about last-minute hotel... Read More
When we think of the Outback we think of vast sweeping landscapes and rich aboriginal culture, however we also think about the distance!  Luckily the Outback of NSW is one of Australia’s most accessible outback regions.  Less than a day’s drive from four state capitals the beautiful landscapes of Outback NSW awaits all travellers.  Outback NSW has put together a list of the top five extra-ordinary encounters, the most wonderful (and sometimes weird) experiences to suit every type of traveller.  Take a starry bath with the characters of Lightning Ridge Lightning Ridge is famous for its black... Read More
Should you travel when you are pregnant?   Here at BYOkids …your family travel gurus we are always getting asked questions about pregnancy and travel.  We are pleased to say that just because you are pregnant you don't have to be confined to the house! There is no reason why pregnant women should not travel, even by air, provided their general health is good. Here are some pointers to keep you and your baby safe. •    It is important to seek the advice of your doctor before planning any extensive travel, particularly overseas trips involving air travel.  If you have experienced problems such... Read More
We all know that travelling with the kids can be challenging but it can be very rewarding too! It’s important for every member of the family to take a break and recharge the batteries.  Taking a holiday is not just good for you physically but mentally too and ‘the family that plays together stays together’ so they say. Here at BYOkids we know some families just love adventure, escpecially if your kids are now heading towards high school or are teenagers it opens up a whole new world of travel options.  I for one love a bit of an adventure holiday with trekking or elephant safaris, kayaking or... Read More